Fortify Kitten Milk

Full-fat powdered milk for kittens from the first day after birth ensures proper development of the immune system, optimal skeletal and muscular development, intensive growth and excellent health.
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Packaging: 250 g
pH control Immunity & Vitality Controlled growth

Powdered milk for kittens

It is suitable from the first day after birth. It is highly palatable and digestible, very soluble, and with the addition of L-carnitine for muscle development and strengthening of the heart.

The formula does not contain soy protein concentrate.

Optimal growth - a high content of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals (especially Ca and P) in an optimal ratio ensures proper development of the whole organism. Immunity, vitality - the presence of the probiotic culture Enterococcus faecium increases the immunity of the organism. pH control - pH 6.4 acts as a prevention against diarrhoea.


Content Content:

skimmed milk powder, whey powder, vegetable oils (mixture of palm and coconut oils), de-lactosed whey, hydrolysed wheat protein, additives (vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, micro-organisms).

Analytical components Analytical components:

protein 28.5% fat 17 % crude fibre 0,1 % inorganic matter 8,5 % Ca 1 % P 0,9 % Na 0,7 %

Additives Additives (content in 1kg):

Vitamins: vitamin A 61,000 IU, vitamin D3 2,000 IU, vitamin E (alphatocopherol) 255 mg, vitamin B1 15 mg, vitamin B2 7.5 mg, vitamin B6 5.6 mg, vitamin B12 50 μg, niacin 47 mg, vitamin C 235 mg, calcium pantothenate 23.5 mg, folic acid 0.95 mg, choline chloride 980 mg, biotin 190 μg, L-carnitine 1,000 mg, taurine 1,300 mg. Amino acids: L-Lysine HCl 18 g, L-Arginine 17.9 g, L-Threonine 12.6 g, L-Histidine 8.1 g, DL-Methionine 3.2 g, L-Tryptophan 4.4 g. Micronutrients: Fe in the form of ferric chelate of glycine, 95 mg hydrate, I in the form of calcium iodate 0,95 mg, Cu in the form of copper chelate of glycine, 7,5 mg hydrate, Mn in the form of manganese chelate of glycine, 65 mg hydrate, Zn in the form of zinc chelate, 75 mg hydrate, Se in the form of sodium selenite 0,38 mg. Microorganisms: Enterococcus faecium 2.0 x 109 CFU, pH of the drink 6.4.

Recommended daily intake

Dosage ml/kitten/day Feeding
1. week 45 each 2-4 hours
2. week 80 each 4-6 hours
3. week 110 each 2-4 hours
4. week 130 each 2-4 hours

Kitten kibble can be added from week 4 onwards.

pH control

pH control

The composition of the food maintains the pH of the urine at an optimal level and in combination with a balanced magnesium content it prevents the formation of urinary stones. Cranberries help maintain good urinary tract health.

Immunity & Vitality

Immunity & Vitality

Vitamin E and selenium as powerful natural antioxidants regenerate cells and increase immunity. Chia seeds aid digestion and together with L-carnitine detoxify the body.

Controlled growth

Controlled growth

A balanced ratio of proteins, fats and other nutrients helps to ensure optimal growth, development and muscle formation in puppies.

You ask, we answer

Where to buy Fortify products

Can I buy food from you directly or on an e-shop?

The food cannot be purchased directly from us, Fortify is only available from veterinarians.

Price of Fortify products

Where can I find out the price of feed?

Please check the price of the food with the veterinarian where you wish to purchase the food.

Quality of Fortify products

What is the quality of the meat from which the feed is made?

It comes from healthy animals that are intended for human consumption.

How much protein is in Fortify products

What percentage of animal protein does your feed contain?

Depending on the type, dog food contains 55-76% animal protein and cat food contains 71-82% animal protein.