Myths and facts about dog and cat pellets - What is the real meat content of pellets?
Myths and facts about dog and cat kibble - The dosage stated on the kibble packaging must always be followed
Granules are a complete food that provides your dog or cat with all the necessary nutrients in the right proportion. In order for them to function as a complete food, the correct dosage must also be chosen.
Myths and Facts about Dog and Cat Pellets - Pellets digest slower than raw meat
That kibble is digested more slowly than raw meat is an opinion that has been propagated especially by BARF raw feeding advocates. However, there is currently no scientific evidence for this claim.
Myths and facts about dog and cat kibble - Cold-pressed kibble is more digestible than extruded kibble
Cold-pressed kibble is another current trend alongside grain-free kibble and is often presented as a food that is more gently processed and thus more digestible than conventional extruded kibble.
Myths and facts about dog and cat kibble - Grain-free kibble is healthier for dogs and cats than grain-based kibble
Grain-free foods have recently gained a lot of popularity among dog and cat owners. They believe that they are closer to their natural diet and that they are healthier for them, easier to digest and less likely to have allergic reactions.
Herbs in dog and cat nutrition
Plants contain a variety of different chemicals. Some of them are pharmacologically active and can also be used to produce medicines. In addition, they also contain vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, amino acids and antioxidants that can have beneficial effects on the health of animals and humans.
Physiotherapy options in a nutshell and physiotherapy examination
From the first part we know what rehabilitation and physiotherapy in a nutshell entails. We have defined physiotherapy as a part of comprehensive rehabilitation that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the locomotor system of an individual.