Fortify concept

Genesis and development of the Fortify pet food is based on the need for Czech breaders of dogs and cats and vets in Czech republic. They asked us to have czech pet food of the highest quality, that is usefull for prevention of allergic diseases. At the same time this petfood have to guarantee both optimal growth of puppies and kittens, and well-rounded live of adult and senior pets.

That is the reason, why Fortify pet food is:

  • gluten-free – without cereal gluten → prevent enteral mucous membrane damage and inflamation→ don´t disturb absorption of nutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • hypoallergennic – without common allergens – chemical pigments and prezervatives, soybeans, milk proteins, eggs, pork and beef meat
  • highly pleasant-tasting and digestible
  • supplemented  by large amount of beneficial complements for optimal growth and health of dogs and cats


Fortify pet food is made in cooperation with vets, they participate in preparation and testing of new kinds of pet food and veterinary diets too. Some of these diets are on the market, another are in development at present. These diets are intended for dogs and cats with decreased function of liver, kidneys and urinary tract, od in some specified systemic or organ ilness. Fortify pet food is distributed by vets. They are guarantors of high quality, fresness and right storage together with our company as a producer. That is the reason, why this food is distibuted by them only.

To restrict the influence of unqualified person to the quality of Fortify pet food during the distribution, we transport it by our own trucks only.